Brand Policy

We have a brand policy at Entirely Unique that is updated regularly. No brand, marketer, or agency may host any event, function, training, seminar or other activity that, in the sole discretion of Entirely Unique, competes with Entirely Unique on each date scheduled for our events. Entirely Unique does not permit suitcasing. Suitcasing is when non-sponsoring companies hand out promotional materials and products without securing Entirely Unique’s permission or officially supporting the event. This also happens when attendees who are registered with a blogger or micro business ticket (which are subsidised by paid sponsors) hand out materials on behalf of another company.

Entirely Unique does not permit outboarding. Outboarding is when companies set up shop near the event (this might be outside the venue/hotel, at a nearby coffee shop, or a hotel room within the event) with the intention of drawing conference attendees away from the regular scheduled events and programming. Entirely Unique also does not permit Partial out-boarding. Partial out-boarding is when sponsoring companies pay the minimum level of sponsorship and then hold unofficial, unsanctioned functions intended for the Entirely Unique attendees but held outside of the normal planned calendar of events.

Entirely Unique does not permit the distribution of propaganda or products without the prior approval of Entirely Unique. Entirely Unique does not permit tweeting or posting on various social media outlets that freebies or handouts will be available during the events without the prior approval of Entirely Unique.

If ANY of the above activities do occur, Entirely Unique will take the following action:
Revocation of credentials and immediate removal from event.
Prohibition from speaking or sponsoring at ALL future Entirely Unique events.
Will seek legal remedies and damages as appropriate.